Niner Pharma API’s

We produce a globally recognized, diversified, and highly integrative portfolio of generic and specialty medicines concentrating on a high range of chronic and acute treatments. Our product portfolio includes generics, branded generics, specialty, highly advanced technology-intensive products, over-the-counter (OTC), Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) Excipients, and intermediaries. Our global presence helps us in being receptive to local treatment needs while continually improving our global product offering.

Sr. NoAPIPharmacopoeia
01.AripiprazoleIp/usp/ihs Anti – Psychotic
02.Quetiapine FumarateIp/usp/ihs Anti – Psychotic
03.Rabeprazole SodiumIp/usp/ihs Anti–Ulcerative
04.2-deoxy-d-glucoseIhs Anti – Covid
05.MolnupiravirIhs Anti –viral
06.NirmatrelvirIhs Anti – Viral
07.Cariprazine HydrochlorideIhs Anti-depressant
08.Dabigatran Mesilate EtexilateIhs Anti-coagulant
09.RivaroxabanIhs Anti-coagulant
10.ApixabanIhs Anti-coagulant
11.ValsartanIhs Anti-coagulant
12.Tafamidis MeglumineIhs To Treat Cardiomyopathy
13.RitonavirIhs Anti-retroviral
14.Imeglimin HclHis Anti-diabetic
15.FimasartanHis Anti-hypertensive
16.OxcarbazapineIhs Anti-convulsant
17.Bempedoic AcidIhs Anti-hypercholesterolemia
18.Quetiapine FumarateIp/usp/ihs Anti – Psychotic
19.Rabeprazole SodiumIp/usp/ihs Anti–Ulcerative
20.2-Deoxy-D-GlucoseIHS Anti – Covid
21.MolnupiravirIHS Anti – Viral
22.NirmatrelvirIHS Anti – Viral
23.Cariprazine HydrochlorideIHS Anti-Depressant
24.Dabigatran Mesilate EtexilateIHS Anti-Coagulant
25.RivaroxabanIHS Anti-Coagulant
26.Imeglimin HCLIHS Anti-Diabetic
27.VildagliptinIHS Anti-Diabetic
28.SitagliptinIHS Anti-Diabetic
29.Tafamidis MeglumineIHS To Treat cardiomyopathy